Privacy Settings in Threads APK

Threads APK is completely secure and private, having different privacy options offered by the Meta team. You can secure your text based messages and utilize other privacy features to make a complete private environment. In today’s article, Know different Privacy settings in Threads APK and start messaging securely and privately.

Privacy setting

Discovering Threads APK Privacy Settings

Threads APK is one of the latest social applications that meets all the privacy guidelines as Instagram allows users to maintain their privacy in terms of data and account. Yes, Threads APK has different privacy features that you can find under the Privacy option on Threads. Discover the Privacy settings of this application and choose selective people to be part of your social family. Also check out How To Enable Auto Status in threads.

Private Profile

As Threads APK has mainly focused on the privacy of the user’s accounts, making public profile private is the feature that can be accessible in the privacy settings. You can make your account private by enabling this feature.

Private Profile


As like Instagram, you can mention any one and get mentioned by anyone on Threads APK. The “Mentions” option is present in the privacy settings. So, You can choose who can mention you on Threads APK.


Another privacy option, present in the privacy settings. It is the meta Threads APK best privacy feature.

Privacy settings - mute

Hidden Words

“Hidden Words” is another option present in the privacy settings.  So, Utilizing this option, you can hide replies that contain abusive content.

Blocked Accounts

Lastly, blocked accounts is the feature present in the privacy settings of Threads APK that allows you to directly block the accounts you want from Instagram. So, you can block abusive accounts and maintain your privacy.

Privacy settings - block


Can I make my account completely private?

Yes, you can make your account completely private.

Can restricting features be managed only on Instagram?

Yes, restricting features can be managed only on Instagram.

Can I access all privacy settings on iOS or Android?

Yes, you can access all privacy settings on iOS or Android.

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