How To Enable Auto Status in Threads APK

Auto Status is the most interesting feature of Threads APK that automatically puts status on your story using real-time location. Quickly enable this feature of Threads APK allowing Threads to directly put the status of what you are doing and going through with your close friends. In this article, get your answer on how to enable auto status in threads APK and use it from today.

Enabling Threads APK Auto Status Feature

Threads APK is a social application that has inherited all the features from Instagram including the data and the followers. You can enjoy unlimited text based messages with your closest friends. Undoubtedly share your daily routine with them through status.

Enabling Threads APK Auto Status Feature

Yes, enabling the enhanced feature Auto Status of Threads APK, your profile will automatically put the status of everything using your location. For example it will put any restaurant location you have visited or your battery update if you are on low battery percentage. Sometimes, this is scary sharing your personal life as auto status but you have to be selective in choosing people with whom you are sharing your status with.

Tap Auto Save

Download Threads APK from our website and it will provide you an option to enable auto status features as discussed above. Choose your close friends who are allowed to view your status story. Different status ideas options will be available tapping Auto Status like at the beach or shopping.

Tap Auto Save

Access Location

For enabling the Auto status feature, you have to allow Threads APK to access your location. It will update your status automatically.


Is Auto status feature concerned with privacy?

Yes, auto status features privacy as it depends on you who you want to share your status with.

Can I choose selective people to see my status?

Yes, you can choose selective people to see your status.

Is auto status feature available for Windows?

Yes, auto status feature available for Windows.

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