How to Clear Search History on Threads APK

In terms of privacy and security, many users of Threads APK want to clear their search history on Threads APK. A mobile phone used by one or people of your house leading to a disturbing privacy situation. If you want your friends or family members to not be able to view your search history, clear your search history by following some simple steps. We have provided a step by step guide on how to clear search history on Threads APK for your privacy.

How to Clear Search History on Threads APK

Ultimate Guide on Clearing Search History Quickly

Threads APK is a fast growing application that has gained popularity within few days because of its privacy laws. Concerning the privacy of your account, the Threads APK a meta Instagram application allows users to clear their search history easily so that it can’t be viewed by other people including family or friends. So follow the quick steps provided below to clear your history. Also check out How to Mute an Account on Threads APK.

Step 1: Launch Threads APK

In the first step, launch your Threads APK application on your Android device, iOS device or PC.

Step 2: Look for Search Bar

In the second step, look for a search bar present at the bottom of your home screen.

Step 3: Tap on Search Bar

Now, once finding the bar, tap on it to open.

Step 4: Clear Search History

After opening the search bar, you will find a number of lists of profiles that you have searched before. Tap on the “clear” option to completely clear the search history.

Step 5: Clear Specific Profile

If you want to clear the history of a specific account, tap on X option present at near each of the profiles.


Why does my search history still appear even after clearing?

This is due to some errors and bugs or due to your internet connection.

Can I clear the search history on my PC?

Yes, you can clear the search history on your PC.

Is it possible to remove the search history permanently from Threads APK?

No, it is not possible as you have to clear your search history on Threads APK.

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