Threads APK for Android Download

Threads APK for Android Download

Threads apk is the new way to connect with the most close friends providing a vast space to share pictures, texts, videos to specific groups and communities. Instagram has introduced the feature of threads to share creative ideas, text updates and other multimedia content in a personal way.

App NameThreads APK
Size70.81 MB
Get It OnGoogle Play
Latest Versionv291.
Last Update10 July 2023

Instagram Integrated Threads APK

Instagram is a social media platform that allows users to share unlimited content including texts, videos as posts or stories. As we all know that, instagram has introduced an application Threads APK that was launched on 6 July 2023 developed by Meta, founded by Mark Zuckerberg allows users to share multimedia content and other updates in a more persistent manner and in a more personal way.

Instagram Integrated Threads APK

To connect with your friends and share your stories and videos with them personally in personalized groups and communities is the main feature of Threasa apk. Threads apk features many key points that are far more focused on privacy and security than other applications.

Features of Threads APK: An Instagram Application

As threads is the newly launched application and downloaded by millions of users, it has beneficial plus professional features. The key features of threads are discussed below.

Massive Space

Providing a massive space to connect and share with the closest friends is the main feature of threads APK. Many users find it attractive and easier to use than other social applications. The threads provide massive space, not allowing the wider audience to join your personal space.

Group Chats

Besides providing a feature of massive space, it allows users to create groups for group chatting with your friends and family at the same time. The group chat feature encrypts messages plus ensures privacy.

User Friendly Interface

An Instagram application, Threads has a user friendly interface as it is designed to be more user friendly and more perfect than the other ones. It allows users to share text message threads as it has a UI similar to Twitter. Threads APK imports Instagram profile to login and connect Instagram friends on Threads.

Updated Content

Providing diverse content is the main key feature of Threads that keeps you updated on your favorite topics including entertainment, sports, fashion and other events. It will update you in real time to get quick news on everything within seconds. Your threads will be automatically delivered to your closest friends and same you will get updated threads from your friends in inboxes.

Story Features

Story features provided by the Threads come under the category of personalized features provided by the Threads. Yes, you can post statuses and stories that allow you to share your personal content with your friends and family. The feature is fully secure and private so have fun sharing stories and statuses.

Security and Privacy

Threads APK is completely secure and private as it follows the same community Guidelines as Instagram. It is a social application specifically for sharing personal content and updates with the closest friends across the world that inherits Instagram features. There is no way to get threatened because your Threads security and privacy is linked with Instagram.

How To Download Threads APK for Android

Click here to check about the detail guide of downloading and installation process of threads apk.

Twitter VS Threads APK

Twitter vs Threads


As we all know that, twitter is a well known social application owned by Elon Musk. It allows people to share their daily life updates, sharing tweets and other multimedia content. In competition with this application, Threads comes up with the best features plus privacy in terms of sharing text messages and getting updates from the very closest friends or communities.

  • Twitter Video: 2 min 20 seconds
  • Twitter Hashtags: Yes
  • Twitter Direct Messaging: Yes

Threads APK

Threads is a text messaging application that allows users to share threads. It is the inherited application from Instagram having similar features. So in terms of competition between the two applications, both are opposite to each other but have little similar features. For example, in comparison with Twitter, threads allow post length of 500 characters while Twitter allows post length of 280 characters. Other points include

  • Threads Video: 5 minutes
  • Threads Hashtags: No
  • Threads Direct Messaging: No

Threads APK Size

Threads is a latest plus newest technology that comes under the category of social applications. It comes from Instagram that features text messaging via threads. Nowadays, mostly people travel for different reasons and want everything on their mobile phones. As Social applications are the need of today’s people to connect with family and friends, threads come up with the best size to install on mobile phones.

threads apk size

Through this application, people can share updates and get updates throughout the world. The main thing is your mobile should have enough space to download this application as it requires less space. 71MB is the storage space for android users and 231.3MB is the storage space for iOS users.

Access Your Instagram Account

Threads APK is a massive space social application that has been downloaded by over 50m+ users from Instagram. Threads is accessible using your Instagram account. In other words, you can access your Instagram account on Threads easily and get all the followings and posts on Threads. Threads will automatically follow all the accounts that you have already followed on Instagram. Moreover you can discover new accounts too and get daily updates. Customize your Instagram experience and get new experience on Threads. You can adjust settings like who can see your stories, threads and other posts. Get access to Threads and have new messaging experience within Instagram.


Threads apk is the latest social application from Instagram that features privacy and security in real-time. Users can connect to their close friends and share text messages, videos, location in a more close way and get real-time notifications from this application. Share your thoughts as threads with your friends and family and get a massive following from Instagram.


What is the requirement of storage to download Threads APK?

The requirement of storage is 71 MB to download Threads APK.

Does Threads have an option to follow other users?

Yes, you can follow other users on Threads.

How can I link Threads to Instagram?

Once downloaded threads, it will automatically give you an option to continue with Instagram.

Can I use hashtags on Threads?

No, you can’t use hashtags on Threads.